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Ottoman Craftsmanship Culture

Ottoman Palace, cared about being seen as glorified and dignified. Which improved jewelry craftsmanship both inside the palace and outside of the palace. Sultans of Ottoman Empire had occupations beside ruling the Empire and jewelry making was one of the preferred occupations. Sultan’s wore a lot of jewelry to show their countries’ richness and glory. Jewelry for Ottoman’s were a tradition of appreciation and payment.

Craftsmanship in Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire valued the hand craftsmanship to the point that Sultan’s have at least learned one of the crafts. Inside the palace there were several dozens of jewelers that was led by a Master Jeweler which were renowned jeweler that was from outside of the palace. In Ottoman, craftsmanship were considered as an honorable and noble occupation that if the craftsmen did a fraud they were punished very seriously. Since the Conquest of Istanbul, Grand Bazaar has been operational and has been protecting the culture of Ottoman craftsmanship.