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The World of Stamboul Jewelry

Every story has a beginning. Discover how Stamboul Jewelry began in 2010 and grew into a global silver jewelry business.

Istanbul: The Symbol of Historic Culture

Stamboul Jewelry was established since 2010 in Grand Bazaar by Hasan Tuna. We provide online purchases and shipments internationally along with impeccable after-sales service for nearly 11 years. We have re-designed this website for our 5th anniversary here. Our designs aren’t limited to Ottoman jewelry and we have expanded our collection to suit your tastes.

Grand Bazaar has been in the center of attention of jewelry lovers. This was possible because of nearly 500 years of Ottoman craftmanship in-making excellence. Being located in the center of 2 Multi-Ethnical Empires (Eastern-Roman and Ottoman) could be seen in the designs.

Our main goal is to give you the look, feel, and style of our rich and diverse cultural history in jewelry collection. All of our products are 925 Sterling Silver and have been handcrafted by the best Turkish craftsmen.


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